Before Printing

In order to be able to print Freehand, Ai, InDesign, etc. * pages prepared digitally, a preparatory phase is needed. This preparation phase; page control, color separation, digital assembly, proofing and mold exposure.

Printing Process

Printing machines which are determined according to the number and paper characteristics and adjusted according to CIP4 data are checked. By placing the exposed plates on the printing machines, all factors (paper, ink, ambient temperature, etc.) are kept under control and the printing process is carried out at the correct color values.

After Printing

The product is completed by bringing together the folding, binding and cutting shapes of the printed products. If extra features are required, the product is made ready for shipment after these operations are performed.

Digital Offset Printing

Our Digital Offset Printing Center is a result of our belief in the way of printing of the future. With the latest technology printing machines that work with a fast printer logic without the need for molding, it has the ability to use many kinds of paper.

Digital Printing

The customer diversity and satisfaction we have achieved with our offset printing quality, has been us since 1999; solvent printing, latex printing, UV printing and digital cutting (Esko), encouraged to make new investments and since 2000, our customers under the same roof has given the opportunity to provide versatile service.


We can offer a complementary service by combining all kinds of promotional materials that our customers need with printing service with our machine park which enables printing to be performed not only on paper but on many different materials.

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